ETHYDCO Integrated Policy

ETHYDCO Integrated Policy

ETHYDCO as an international value creating plastics and rubber products company; is fully committed to carry out all its activities with high quality in sustainable manner by pursuing continuous improvement in all aspects of the company activities to achieve and maintain satisfaction for customers, shareholders and all interested parties.

ETHYDCO as a responsible organization has a fully integrated approach to all applicable management systems, which fit and enhance the company`s various activities in all its business processes through active involvement, commitment and accountability of all employees and contractors.

As part of commitment to customer focus, continuous improvement and compliance with regulatory, statutory requirements and other requirements, ETHYDCO is committed to:

  • Conduct business with high quality in a manner that; protect the environment, prevent pollution, maintains healthy safe work environment, prevent accidents and injuries in workplace, saves energy, secures information and treat systems vulnerabilities and prevents all types of losses through the best utilization of resources.
  • Conduct business in an honest and ethical manner. Taking a zero-tolerance approach to Bribery and Corruption. And enforcing effective systems to counter bribery.
  • Appoint well-qualified personnel and train them continuously to ensure their capability to carry out the work with quality focus that aligns with the company management systems and achieves its objectives.
  • Managing business, bribery, financial, environmental, information security and social risks, obligations, opportunities and their influences on profits, people and planet, supporting any design for conservation of energy, supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services and promoting green economy to ensure sustainability.
  • Ensuring the availability of information and of necessary resources for interested parties to achieve integrated energy management system objectives and targets.
  • Raising employee’s awareness about the difference between a major incident and a minor incident, incidents resulting from ignoring Process Safety and the most important incidents related to Process Safety and lessons learned from them and how they are applied.
  • Implementation of structured inspection and maintenance programs to regularly test safety critical equipment to ensure the availability and reliability in emergency cases.
  • Managing the changes to the process/design, procedures or organizational changes through a system to ensure that the risks resulting from these changes are within the ALARP level.

Policy and objectives should be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability and ensure that they are adequate to customers, shareholders and all interested parties.

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