Waste Management

Waste management system is the entire process of managing wastes in a manner which monitors the total lifecycle of wastes and associated environmental impact performance through:

  • Systematic application and review of the entire process of minimizing the generation, handling, treatment and subsequent disposal of wastes.
  • Assessment and mitigation of environmental hazards and effects.

Waste management principles include a hierarchy of waste management practices that are used in the development of a waste management program. Waste management hierarchy sets out a preferred sequence of waste management options to reduce environmental pollution. Waste management options should take into account the site hydrogeology, environmental sensitivity and type of operations when developing a site specific waste management plan.

The most effective management of environmental discharges is attained with the adoption of pollution prevention and total lifecycle approaches to wastes. If elimination of wastes is not possible, then the hierarchical application techniques for source reduction and waste minimization should be implemented in an environmentally safe manner.

This waste management plan has been established in accordance with national Egyptian legislation relevant to the management of solid and liquid wastes and air emissions and in particular Law No.4 (1994)/9(2009) and the ministerial decree 710/2012 which is the principal statute governing environmental pollution.

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

It should be noted that there will not be any industrial discharge on the drain of Karnak except in emergency cases only where the company will apply the zero liquid discharge technology (ZLD) by reusing water that would have been discharged on the Karnak drain.

Solid Waste Disposal

It was already agreed to dispose the hazardous waste at a licensed landfill for hazardous waste (Nasserya landfill).

Legislations and Environmnetal Laws

ETHYDCO obligates all projects contractors to comply with the environmental laws and regulations including any update/new laws during the projects execution.

Construction Phase Waste Disposal

Contracts for treatment, transportation and disposal of sanitary Wastewater issued by construction contractor through the approved company and private Wastewater disposal contactor facilities.