The company's activity in the field of health

Ethydco contributed in introducing happiness, joy and pleasure for orphans at Borg El Arab cancer hospital in Alexandria by creating an entertainment day and delivering gifts, sweets and some entertaining items.
Ethydco contributed to the construction and preparing of a fully equipped intensive care unit with 8 beds fully equipped with medical devices in Al – Amreya hospital as it serves approximately 34 villages in Al – Amreya and Al – Nahda regions and approximately 90 thousand people.
Ethydco contributed to establishing an MRI unit at Borg El Arab children cancer hospital in Alexandria. Ethydco contributed to preparing and developing the reception and emergency unit in Abu Qir public hospital and supporting it with the latest necessary medical devices. Ethydco contributed to purchasing the laminar flow device and preparing a special room for it to prepare the chemotherapy for oncology patients in El Qabary hospital. Ethydco contributed in favor of the faculty of medicine, Alexandria University to purchase a cardiac electrophysiology device and cauterization with radio frequency waves for severe needs. Ethydco contributed to purchasing the C – ARM device to help the hospital continue providing treatment and medical services to many citizens in Sharq Al - Madina Hospital. Ethydco contributed to the expenses of purchasing the fifth radiation device necessary to raise the therapeutic capacity of thousands of in capable patients in Ayadi Al – Mostakbal hospital for treating tumors. Ethydco contributed to purchasing the C – ARM device for the treatment of patients with tumors in the digestive system, liver, pancreas, intestinal obstruction, liver, and bile duct surgeries for the department of surgery at the Endoscopy and Gastrointestinal Kinetics Unit at the Medical Research Institute. Ethydco contributed to establishing a morgue freezer in the region to support government hospitals in Al – Amreya.