Task Risk Assessment


Task Risk Assessment (TRA) is a structured, systematic technique for identifying the hazards associated with a work task, qualitatively assessing the risks and determining appropriate control measures by competent Task Risk Assessment team.


  • The purpose of this technical guidance is to define the approach to TRA for the project, It provides users with assistance for performing TRAs, describes the various tools available and affords a clear understanding of the concept of risk assessment.
  • The objective of TRA is to reduce the likelihood of having accidents at work and minimize the severity of workplace accidents.

Scope / Applicability

  • The guidance shall be applied to all activities in ETHYDCO projects.
  • TRA is appropriate for any task where the hazards and control measures need to be formally assessed.
  • Routine tasks that have the potential for serious incidents.
  • Routine tasks having a history of incidents, including near misses.
  • Tasks where change or novelty is involved.
  • Tasks that are relatively complex.
  • For tasks that are assessed as ‘low-risk’, the requirement for TRA shall be decided by the Area Authority.

TRA procedure will be a part of ETHYDCO HSE manual procedures.