2016 Ethydco community service activities after launching

As a part of the Petroleum Ministry efforts to raise the awareness on the importance of utilizing the petroleum products used in the field of energy and reducing the consumption, The Egyptian Ethylene & Derivatives Company (Ethydco ) initiated in collaboration with the Egyptian Holding Company for Petrochemicals (Echem) and Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co. (Sidpec) the campaign (less bill for a better life) to raise the awareness, targeting the community especially the families and school children by distributing clothes, blankets and energy saving bulbs. The purpose of the campaign is spreading the culture rationalization in the hearts of young children that contribute to energy saving in accordance with the campaign slogan –in belief of the company and the Department of External Communication and Information Affairs the importance of community development, Notwithstanding great success of the campaign, this leads us to repeat this experiment with new ideas and diverse styles.

Some of the positive results achieved by the campaign, including:

  • The creation of a strategic social depth for surrounding villages the Ethydco.
  • Inviting villages heads for a meeting in Ethydco to highlight its role in the developing the surrounding community.
  • Developing several new channels of communication with villages heads Surroundings Ethydco.
  • Improving the Ethydco`s image to demonstrate its role in the developing the surrounding community.