16 Jan 2011 Till April 2015

We believe that being a responsible organization means being a responsive member of the many communities in which we operate that`s why our company keen a lot to participate in serving our local community especially the surrounding area, and here are some of our contributions:

  • Donation for "Ritage charity for community developments and improving women skills" for the Orphan`s Day.
  • Community contribution with "Ritage charity" by paying the school fees for 591 students of different educational stages (primary - preparatory - secondary) whom are not able to pay.
  • Donation for "Ritage charity" to help the people who are unable to marry to buy their needs.
  • Donation for "Ummah Wahda charity" to build a charitable hospital for those who cannot afford the cost of medical services.
  • Donation for "Investors of Al Nahda Industrial Zone Association" as a contribution from the company in the resurfacing of The Petrochemical road which extent 11 km.
  • Donation for the benefit of " Tahya Masr" provident fund.
  • Donating for paying the school fees for the number 320 for the children of the surrounding residents.
  • Distribution of the sacrifices meats among there surrounding residents.