Our Organization understand the critical role that employees play in the success of the business so we apply strategies and practices of building talent capital to meet long term needs of the organization through the process of talent assessment techniques , mentoring and coaching, & enhancing employee loyalty by building a supportive work environment , improving their morale and focusing on succession planning and promotions .we are keen on providing our employee with the sense of ownership and belonging in their place of work , also investing on them through training and fixing points of weakness , improving leadership behavior which enhance drawing their evolving career paths

AT ETHYDCO we understand how rewards impact an organization`s ability to attract, retain and motivate high potential employees .We also have The ability to define the employee`s needs understand and analyze influences of these needs upon workforce .

Knowledge of alternative rewards strategies and how to select the best for our organization is a main tool of success, as we are keen on satisfying our internal customers through encouraging fair employment practices and proposing equal opportunities to all our employees, we also try to talk family considerations into account in any decisions about personnel matters and duties.

We have everything you’d expect from an enormous company, like health insurance, medical coverage, retirement benefits, complementary pension and much more. However we also offer more than the basics; our benefits are part of our existence, yet they are forms of value other than payment, which are provided to the employee in return for their contribution to the organization.

As part of our social responsibility we offer training for students in summer period to introduce to them corporate life & enhance their knowledge, skills, abilities and select from them highest calibers who are going to be promising employees in future