Maintenance Sustainability

Maintenance Sustainability


A—Reliable safe plant, high production availability with zero unplanned downtime.

Mission Statement

A—The maintenance department is committed as one of organization departments to maximize the facility performance , production availability, Asset reliability and to improve the maintenance resource productivity, through optimizing the maintenance policies for the critical equipment, safely with high quality and optimum cost to achieve the organization objectives with minimum risk, while developing our maintenance team in direction of continuous improvement.

Strategy Statement

—Eyhydco Maintenance strategy target to ensure safe and efficient operation of all Assets to meet company established on-Stream, Availability and Reliability targets and customer quality expectations .Through fit strategy based on proactive approach which collective from several maintenance policies to correct failure, prevent failure, predict failure, detect failure and risk minimize based on asset criticality to achieve maintenance objectives.

Maintenance Objectives

  • Establish an Asset Management System to support all maintenance activities and internal customer requirements
  • Minimize risk on plant safety and production.
  • Optimizing maintenance policies based on equipments criticality.
  • Create product add value by achieve high quality maintenance activities exceed customer requirements and needs.
  • Optimum maintenance resource management and control work load balance.
  • Plant reliability continual improvement and minimize plant down time
  • Build world class maintenance team based on skilled, qualified and well trained maintenance staff.
  • Build and maintain a healthy and effective working relationship with the maintenance sub-contractors.
  • Develop and perform safe shutdowns and turnarounds.
  • Establish strategic alliances with key Operation owned equipment vendors and keep healthy and effective relationship with them to provide technical support as required, minimizing equipment downtime.
  • Create clear guidelines for the development of the best working practices for Maintenance function.
  • Build safety , health and environment culture for maintenance team and maintenance contractors.
  • Build ethical behavior and business practices, and ensures team behavior is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization..
  • Keep Creativity, Innovation and Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities.