ETHYDCO Approach

ETHYDCO Approach

ETHYDCO’s sustainability approach collaborates business goals with our economic, social and environmental capabilities by having a glance on the future and on the expected challenges, ETHYDCO will continue erecting an organization that sustains its growth and assures the improvement of its people. To reinforce our support of the surrounding community, we seek to confirm that our social responsibility is emphasizing positively to the shareholders’ requirements matched with our competencies and calibers.

This collaboration is the driving growth for our operations, our customers and our people. This is essential to our success.

We consider Sustainability is the fundamental of our business practices and represents a vital aspect in accomplishing development and success, assure consistence with developing market criteria and desires.

UNIVATION PE technology allows ETHYDCO to produce superior plastic applications, with UNIPOL Bimodal Catalyst, this technology will assist us with products that is essential to the community. We will introduce an extensive variety of plastics & Rubber for utilization in high-value applications, including Water Network and Gas Pressure Pipes, Food Industry, Industrial Packaging, Health & Medical and Household Packaging as well as Automotive industry.

Our customers’ success is our concern, the main aim is to establish an appropriate and efficient communication with our customers and suppliers by anticipating their requirements and build partnerships and alliances, through cooperating for mutual interests. ETHYDCO’s value chain is a fundamental perspective to assure customer satisfaction and promote our image. As a major aspect of our sustainability policy, we incorporate environmental and social contemplations into each segment of our value chain. Our strategy emphases on customer satisfaction.

In accordance with our social responsibility strategy, we attempt to cooperate with local suppliers. If local suppliers do not concur with our criteria, we participate with them so that they can comprehend with our desires and advancement towards consistence. This procedure verifies our dedication to the environment, health and safety, social responsibility and product stewardship. Our HSE department concentrates on recognizing the company’s general health and safety implementation.

ETHYDCO contributes to the community development by creating job opportunities, social responsibility awareness, help enlightening the surrounding and having an impact on the environment. We also focus on investing in our employees by rewards and compensations, employee improvement and retention, career development, talent acquirement, strategy and goals, health and security, we believe that employees are the key to our future accomplishments.

Adjusting to development in the Plastics & Rubber field in a sustainable way is essential for our future achievements. We are focusing on research and development throughout the company, a vital phase of which guarantees the establishment of value-creating plastics are sustainable and position us in the market.